Why choose a Garden Pro Quality Steel Shed?

Garden Pro sheds are made in Australia by Absco Sheds – Australia’s leading shed manufactuer.
All Garden Pro Sheds come with a 20-year written warranty.
Garden Pro Steel Sheds come with SNAPTiTE assembly.
Made from Australian Super Strength Steel, Garden Pro Steel Sheds are up to five times stronger than imported competitors and due to the superior quality steel they are maintenance free.

Garden Pro Sheds
Key Features

Braced doors
Rolled safety edges
Labelled parts and pre-drilled holes

Made Tough for Australian Conditions

The SNAPTiTE Revolution System

SNAPTiTE is an innovative, patented design that dramatically reduces the time and effort required to assemble the range of Garden Pro sheds.

Reduces screws by 75%

All Garden Pro sheds, storage units and aviaries feature
the revolutionary SNAPTiTE assembly system*. SNAPTiTE permanently locks all perimeter channels to the roof and wall sheets without the need for tools and screws. Most other connection points have been fully pre-punched to maximise the ease of assembly.

Garden Pro sheds assemble up to 80% faster than competitors’ sheds.

A separate step by step assembly instruction booklet is supplied for each individual product, model and size. Most components are marked with individual part numbers, which are also clearly identified throughout the three dimensional drawings displayed in the assembly instruction booklets.

SNAPTiTE in action

1. Use the pre-punched holes to join the shed walls with only 9 screws per panel*
2. Position the channel over the edge of the panel
3. Gently tap the channel to lock firmly in place

*Unless otherwise stated.